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Dog Coat - Bleu Fonce

Dog Coat - Bleu Fonce

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Keep your four-legged friend warm and dry with a dog coat for the chilly winter months. Available in three sizes, Small (35cm), Medium (47cm) and Large (58cm), ensuring we can cater for most dog breeds. Our dog apparel is perfect for all weather conditions and activities, ensuring your dog will stay comfortable out in the hardest of weathers or terrains. Our durable outer fabric and luxurious fleece lined inner will keep your pet warm and comfortable on long walks. A hole at the neck means you can attach your lead to your dog’s collar when wearing the coat. Our signature Le Chameau logo adorns the back of the coat meaning you can match your pet accessories with your favourite rubber wellington boots.

Our dog jacket is adjustable and comes in three sizes: Small (35cm), Medium (47cm), Large (58cm). The perfect size can be measured by taking the length of the dog’s spine from neck to tail. The small size would suit a Terrier, the medium is ideal for Spaniel size dogs, and the large would be a good fit for a Labrador Retriever.


A soft touch Velcro secures around the front of the coat, under the neck of your dog and there is another fastening under the chest of the dog. This ensures hair does not get caught or irritate your canine companion. A soft fleece lining will keep your pet warm whilst a durable, water resistant outer fabric helps to keep the elements out.


This protective coat is designed to stop your dog getting muddy, so may require a wash to keep it looking smart. This piece is machine washable which means you can keep your dog clean and the coat in perfect condition for years to come.

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