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Fransa designs for feminine and well-dressed women with a keen appreciation of current trends and excellent quality. The six seasonal collections cover every need from feminine dresses for special occasions, suitable clothes for life at the office, the essential basics, and fashionable pieces for every woman interested in current trends, colours and styles. All at affordable prices. For any occasion, and for every woman.

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New InFRZALIN Jeans - WhiteFRZALIN Jeans - White
FRZALIN Jeans - White Sale price£49.99
FROLINE Blouse - Beaucoup BlueFROLINE Blouse - Beaucoup Blue
FRMADDIE Trousers - HydrangeaFRMADDIE Trousers - Hydrangea
FRMADDIE Trousers - WhiteFRMADDIE Trousers - White
FRMADDIE Trousers - BlackFRMADDIE Trousers - Black
FRLEI Pullover - Arctic WolfFRLEI Pullover - Arctic Wolf
FASTRAWA Bag - Warm SandFASTRAWA Bag - Warm Sand
FRSALLI Blouse - BirchFRSALLI Blouse - Birch
FRSALLI Blouse - Birch Sale price£34.99
FRLINNY Trousers - Hot CoralFRLINNY Trousers - Hot Coral
FRHOT Culottes - Navy BlazerFRHOT Culottes - Navy Blazer
FRCOTTA Culottes - Arctic WolfFRCOTTA Culottes - Arctic Wolf
FRLINNY Blouse - Ebb & FlowFRLINNY Blouse - Ebb & Flow
Zawov 2 Blouse - BlackZawov 2 Blouse - Black
Zawov 2 Blouse - Black Sale price£34.99
FRZASTRETCH Trousers - BlackFRZASTRETCH Trousers - Black
FRBLONDE Shirt - BlackFRBLONDE Shirt - Black
FRBLONDE Shirt - Black Sale price£49.99
Zawov Short Sleeve Blouse - Beaucoup BlueZawov Short Sleeve Blouse - Beaucoup Blue
FRSABI Blouse - Arctic WolfFRSABI Blouse - Arctic Wolf
FRSABI Blouse - Apricot WashFRSABI Blouse - Apricot Wash
FROVER Jeans - Light Blue DenimFROVER Jeans - Light Blue Denim
FRMADDIE Tunic - HydrangeaFRMADDIE Tunic - Hydrangea
FRMADDIE Tunic - WhiteFRMADDIE Tunic - White
FRMADDIE Tunic - White Sale price£49.99
FRKAMMA Blouse - Arctic WolfFRKAMMA Blouse - Arctic Wolf
FRGRY Dress - Navy BlazerFRGRY Dress - Navy Blazer
FRFRIDA Jeans - Mid Blue DenimFRFRIDA Jeans - Mid Blue Denim
FRCARMEN Pullover - Beaucoup Blue MixFRCARMEN Pullover - Beaucoup Blue Mix
FRLALU Dress 1 - Rouge RedFRLALU Dress 1 - Rouge Red
FRLALU Dress - BlarneyFRLALU Dress - Blarney
FRLALU Dress - Blarney Sale price£69.99
FRHAIDA White Long Sleeve BlouseFRHAIDA White Long Sleeve Blouse
Save £10.99Zubasic Cardigan - LimeZubasic Cardigan - Lime
Zubasic Cardigan - Lime Sale priceFrom £25.00 Regular price£35.99
FROVER Jeans - Mid Blue DenimFROVER Jeans - Mid Blue Denim
FRLOMAX Jeans - Dark PeacoatFRLOMAX Jeans - Dark Peacoat
Lenni Gilet - Dark OliveLenni Gilet - Dark Olive
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - LimeFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Lime
FREIJA Blouse - Navy BlazerFREIJA Blouse - Navy Blazer
On saleFREIJA Blouse - AntiqueFREIJA Blouse - Antique
FREIJA Blouse - Antique Sale priceFrom £30.00 Regular price£49.99
Save £6.99FRCLIA Vest - Coca MochaFRCLIA Vest - Coca Mocha
FRCLIA Vest - Coca Mocha Sale priceFrom £23.00 Regular price£29.99
FRADELINA Pullover - Navy BlazerFRADELINA Pullover - Navy Blazer
FADOTTIE Scarf - Navy Blazer MixFADOTTIE Scarf - Navy Blazer Mix
FRLUDMILLA Blouse - BlackFRLUDMILLA Blouse - Black
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlackFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - AntiqueFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Antique
FRDUSA Dress - BlackFRDUSA Dress - Black
FRDUSA Dress - Black Sale price£49.99
Zawov Short Sleeve Blouse - AntiqueZawov Short Sleeve Blouse - Antique
Save £14.99Mita Cord Skirt - PeacoatMita Cord Skirt - Peacoat
Mita Cord Skirt - Peacoat Sale priceFrom £25.00 Regular price£49.99
Save £9.99FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - MoleFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Mole
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Mole Sale priceFrom £20.00 Regular price£29.99
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlackFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black
FRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - AntiqueFRHIZAMOND Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Antique