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Comfort Craftsman Boot - Chestnut

Comfort Craftsman Boot - Chestnut

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The Comfort Craftsman is handcrafted in Adelaide, and can be worn as a light work boot or a dress boot. Crafted from a single piece of yearling leather and a rubber welt sole with a classic squared chisel toe. The inner boot features a comfort innersole.

  • Chisel square toe.
  • Flat heel.
  • Yearling leather.
  • Comfort rubber sole.
  • Goodyear welt.
  • Comfort insole.
  • Padded heel lining.
  • Double Branded tugs.
  • Elastic sided boots.
  • Crafted from one piece of leather.
  • Made in Australia.

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Yearling Leather



Our R.M.Williams Leather Cleaner is specifically formulated to help you look after your R.M.Williams leather goods, ideal for removing dirt and grime from your boots and shoes.

Wipe over with a damp cloth to remove mud, dirt, dust or salt. Apply R.M.Williams Leather Cleaner directly and evenly onto any excessive marks in the leather. Rub cleaner evenly over surface with a damp cloth until clean. Remove any excess cleaner with a dry clean cloth.


R.M.Williams Leather Conditioner should be applied regularly to finished leather footwear to maintain and preserve the leather and prevent it from drying out or cracking.

Apply R.M.Williams Leather Conditioner evenly to finished leathers with a clean cloth or hands. Allow the conditioner to penetrate for approximately one hour. Note: be careful not to over condition; leather also needs to breathe. Therefore, if you clean your boots every week, do not use conditioner each time (we recommend every 2-3 months).


Use R.M.Williams Stockman's Boot Polish regularly to maintain the colour of your boots and remove scuffs. This keeps the smart finish of your leather boots, particularly for dress boots.

Apply R.M.Williams Stockman's Boot Polish to finished leathers with a clean cloth or brush and rub in well. Allow polish to rest on the surface and penetrate leather for a minute. Buff briskly with a shoe shine brush and finish with a buffing cloth to obtain a high shine. Note: for boots which are badly scuffed, optimum results will be achieved if the polish is left on the uppers overnight. This will ensure the pigment is absorbed into the leather.


RM believed there was only one thing more comfortable than a new R.M.Williams boot. And that’s an old R.M.Williams boot, one that has become a trusted friend, that has shaped itself exactly to the eccentricities of you foot.

For this reason, we recommend paying close attention to the condition of your boots and taking them to a quality cobbler for repairs, as soon as an damage begins to show.

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