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Rambler 12 oz Bottle with Hotshot Cap - Nordic Purple

Rambler 12 oz Bottle with Hotshot Cap - Nordic Purple

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On-the-go caffeine enthusiasts, meet the ultimate drinking vessel for filling up and hitting the road. While this 12 oz. Bottle is conveniently light, it holds more than enough joe to jump-start your day, whether you're gearing up for an early morning trip or need an energy boost before a day outdoors. Why we're giving this Rambler extra kudos? It's topped with a unique, 360-drinking, 100% leakproof HotShot Cap that lives up to its name by letting you sip from any side while locking in piping-hot temperatures for hours on end.

  • Capacity 354 ml / 12 US fl oz
  • Empty Weight 450g
  • All Rambler® bottles are compatible with our complete line of innovative bottle caps.

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