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Dipsticks Silent Disco Game

Dipsticks Silent Disco Game

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Enjoy fun that doesn't disturb the neighbours (or your sleeping children!) with this hilarious silent disco music game. From Ibiza to Glastonbury, silent discos rock all night long. Enjoy this hilarious twist on the party and play silent disco charades at your next gathering. With 4 games to choose from, it's simple to play with your headphones and smartphone. Put your headphones on, pull out a stick, scan the QR code and groove to win.

  • Contains 160 double sided sticks.
  • Recommended for age 13+ and 3+ players.

Pick out a stick, grab your headphones and train up your vocal chords, it's time to party to win! Use your smartphone to scan the QR code and listen to a song, then perform a famous dance move, humming a well-known song or acting out a musical charade depending on which dipstick you pull out. Your team mates shout out the correct answer and win the stick if they get it correct. Quick, the time's almost up! At the end of the game, the party-goer with the most sticks is crowned the disco king or queen.

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